Saturday, September 15, 2012

FIRE sign

Another fun project--FIRE, FIRE!!! The unit requesting this project provided only a .ppt file with the soldier, fire, and smoke image (see original image below). They wanted a 2x6 foot finished sign.

I saved a pdf of the ppt file, brought it into Photoshop, deleted the text and background, resampled it a little larger, then saved as a .png for transparency. I placed it into a new Photoshop file over a black gradient background, extended the ground using the clone stamp, varying sections so it didn't look too repetitive. I then smudged areas to blend and alter the ground and smudge flame areas upward. I found a GREAT set of fire brushes and patterns online (thank you Obsidian Dawn!) along with a tutorial on how to use them (highly recommended). Then it was add lotsa fire and smoke; I also softened the hard edges of the original smoke cloud using the eraser and a smoke brush, in addition to adding more smoke here and there. I'm really happy with how it turned out, although I wish I had had more time to fine-tune it! Definitely want to play with FIRE brushes some more...