Friday, May 31, 2019

Maha Reiki manuals

SO exciting to see the final published Maha Reiki manuals! What started as rather plain, comb-bound, self-printed manuals have now become real books, available through Amazon: When I started this project, it was simply to offer my editing and proofreading skills to my friend and Reiki teacher, Donna. From there, she asked me to also create graphic illustrations and a professional design for all the books.

What a journey it has been--this project started in December 2017 and stretched through February 2019 (balanced with my full-time job and Donna and Ron's writing schedule). After proofreading and editing hard copies of each manual, I corrected the .doc files, then created an InDesign template and stylesheets, flowing in the chapter files and editing and adjusting photos. Once each level manual was complete, she had them printed and comb-bound for her classes. After the Master level was finished in September 2018, she and Ron took a well-deserved break! From November 2018 to February 2019, we worked on adapting the covers for paperback binding and the addition of author bios on the back covers.

I was reminded from the beginning of the project that book design and layout is something that I really enjoy. The design aspect is always a lot of fun, and the layout and production of the pages is very satisfying. You can see it taking shape before your eyes and it is a real thrill to hold the finished product in your hands!