Tuesday, September 29, 2020

Poetry book project

 Excited to share my latest book design project: a self-published volume of poetry by Marilyn Morrison. 

This project literally fell into my lap! Sandra, the editor I worked with on Joseph Rossano's Vanity book for Museum of Glass, emailed that her friend Marilyn wanted to publish a volume of poems she had been writing over many decades. Sandra wondered if I knew anyone who could work with Marilyn to accomplish her dream. I was happy to offer my services, and Marilyn and I clicked from our first phone call. 

Sandra had helped her with an initial edit and preliminary format. I then did an in-depth proofread/edit and realized that there are no hard and fast rules for poetry! Punctuation can follow "traditional" rules, or be left out completely. I went with an intuitive reading of each poem; some did indeed need no punctuation, some I added/edited punctuation as it seemed to fit. After Marilyn's final proof of the manuscript, I then created page layouts and style sheets in InDesign, flowing the document into the layout and adjusting line spacing as needed to create logical page breaks (again, a little different in poetry vs. prose!) 

Then for the fun part: the cover! Marilyn had mentioned that she did various types of artwork, so I suggested that she might want to use some of her original art for the cover(s). She sent a number of candidates and I really gravitated towards her "nebula" series; the image I selected for the front cover really seemed appropriate for a poetry volume. I mocked up several different images for the back cover, and Marilyn made the final decision there. Interestingly, her author bio fit perfectly into the available image space!  

The Trilogy is now available on Amazon: https://www.amazon.com/dp/1792348347?ref_=pe_3052080_397514860