Thursday, March 3, 2011

Editing a CSS Template

This assignment would have come in handy a couple of weeks ago for the 230 class! Find a CSS template and alter/adjust text, images, and divs. Of course, I went for the pets design. I replaced the images with pics of my katz, changed some of the text, deleted one of the links at top and adjusted that div, and removed some sections. I wanted to do more with changing the size (width) of the divs, but this template has built-in box segments for the rounded corners, so I couldn't really alter that. I had enough trouble with the top left image, because it was also built into the rounded box. I ended up opening it in Photoshop, placing my image in a new layer (I already had sized him to fit), then using a vector mask with a rounded rectangle to match the size of the previous photo. The only thing that's wierd is that then it doesn't really work with the backgound on the right top (kinda...?) Interestingly, this page previewed in Safari without ANY of the formatting/styling, but it looks fine in Firefox? The thing I find helpful working with templates is seeing how they're built; helps me to understand better how to create my own.

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