Friday, March 11, 2011

Themed Text

This was a fun assignment: choose a word to decorate with a theme. I was going to use PAINT, but I couldn't find any good paint splatters that I wanted to use, so I went back to CAT. Each letter is placed on a separate layer; then I covered the letter with various patches of texture. I thought it would be fun to create a patchwork effect, using fur from all of our cats. (I didn't have a good tail picture, so that is from some anonymous web cat.) After a letter is covered, the texture layers are merged into one, then a mask is created of the letter and added as a Layer mask to the texture layer. This creates a nice, neat cutout of the letter, and this is where the fun really begins: I used a "fur" brush to paint on the layer mask and make nice furry letters. On the pieces that had a hard cutout edge (tail, paws, ears), I placed a new layer under the mask and painted the fur on there. I also did some blending between patches with the same fur brush. I think it's pretty funny, although I don't know how successful my "T" is, with the yawning kitty. Might have looked better to have just one head to go with the tail, but I wasn't going to do all that fur all over again!

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