Friday, May 13, 2011

Ilustrator Flourishes

I wasn't too enthusiastic about this assignment at first; why build a flourish when there are so many already out there? It ended up being a lot of fun to experiment with. For this first flourish, I used the Spiral tool (awesome!) and applied an arrow brush to the stroke. I quite liked the curled, spiky effect it gave me, and reflected it horizontally with Effect>Transform. After I expanded that, I reflected it again, vertically, to create what seemed to be a frame. French movie ending credit just popped into my head, so that's what I created!
Spiral flourishes were just too easy, so for my second one, I decided to draw it. I used my new Bamboo tablet and just started playing around with drawing a classic curly flourish. I found that when Effect>Transform has been used, it is still in effect when you start painting with the Brush tool. So as I was creating the stroke, it was reflecting! I created something I liked relatively quickly, then refined the shapes by adjusting individual points and applying an artistic brush to it. Since it was kind of rustic looking, I found a woodcut style dingbat that I liked, and based on that, added the "moonlight" text off the top of my head. The final touch was applying a parchment-looking graphic style to a background rectangle, then matching the color in the text and flourish stroke.

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