Saturday, May 7, 2011

Bristle Brush in Advert

This assignment was to create a coffee ad, using the Bristle brush tool in the ad somewhere. I chose to use it only on the cup itself. I really need a lot more practice using a graphics tablet! I sprung for a basic Bamboo tablet, and it is fun to use, but feels awkward, since I'm not used to it. The shading on the cup is not great, but not too terrible, either? (Especially if you don't look too close!) I like the rest of the ad; I searched forever to find a "retro" patterns I liked for the background. I then used that red color for the logo and figured a nice coffee brown would coordinate well. I'm not entirely happy with the curve coming off the capital C, but I had to finish up. For some reason, I really spent a lot of time overthinking the ad part!

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