Monday, February 14, 2011

Flash Cards

This assignment required creating "flash cards" for DSHS use. The images needed to be simple and easy to understand, as they may be using them with people who can't read or don't speak English. Each of us was given 4 phrases to illustrate. I got lucky with 3 of them referring to "time," so I reused my clock image for each of those. I imported photos or drawings I found on the web into Illustrator to use as templates; then used the brush tool to draw the image. Since I wanted a simple, clean look, I used an ink brush, adjusting the width profile as needed. The thing I really like about drawing on the computer is the ability to adjust the line afterwards, definitely a plus for me! In some cases, I needed to create a second shape for the color fill, as the brush tool does not always create closed paths that you can fill. The drawings turned out pretty much the way I wanted them, very basic with a hand-drawn look.

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