Thursday, February 24, 2011

Vinyl Sign

This was a fun assignment, creating a design for a vinyl sticker. Obviously, it had to be simple shapes and solid colors. This idea just came to me, almost complete from the first. I drew the purple shape with the star tool, experimenting with  the number of points and angles, then stretching it to be more oval, and converting the corner points so they were rounded. The orange segments started with the oval shape tool, converting the bottom point to a corner, then adjusting the shape to fit, copying, flipping and rotating as needed. I always copy my text several (many!) times to apply and compare different typestyles before I find the one that seems right. Importing my shapes into the cutting software was a little frustrating; even though I followed the directions exactly, it seems that some stray guidelines were causing problems. (Thanks, Brian, for helping me figure that out!) My first cut for the text was pulling up some of the edges, so Brian adjusted the depth of the blade (something else I never would have thought of), then it worked fine. One thing I noticed with this text, even though I made sure there were no gaps between the letters, and it is converted to outlines, the cutter still made the small cuts between each letter. I need to finish by applying the sticky backing to each, and apply them to a single layer, but that shouldn't be too difficult (I hope!) I've worked with vinyl application before at the Museum of Glass, so I'm familiar with the process; applying it is easier than creating it!!!

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