Friday, April 22, 2011

3D Can Label

I have to say I had way more fun designing the can label than playing around with 3D. The first issue I had was that if I didn't rasterize the label art BEFORE applying the 3D Revolve, it was dropping out the bottom gradient and the colors in the Bubble scatter brush (??). So I have lines thru my final art, but I can't try rasterizing to get rid of 'em, because it's already rasterized! The other issue was that I wanted to apply an image of a pop top to the top of the can, but for some reason, it was distorting really badly, squishing in on one side. I tried a 2nd image, same thing. Maybe I needed to redraw or dink with the can shape, but by that point, I just didn't want to. So here is my advert for the wave of refreshment that is...Tsunami!

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