Monday, April 4, 2011

Illustrator shapes picture

Here's my happy little beach scene, done in Illustrator using only solid colors and the shape tools, utilizing Pathfinder to unite/subtract shapes. The hardest part of this assignment was coming up with an idea; I think I picked the beach because I feel so sun-deprived right now! The waves turned out really interesting; I started with a triangle, puckered it a little, then duplicated and distorted size until I had a full row across. When I selected all and used Pathfinder>Unite, the shapes REALLY tweaked! That's why they are in small groups of 2-4 triangles; I still got the distortion, but it was not so extreme and I kind of like it, very wave-like. I then used the Direct Selection tool to select and expand the bottom edges. Where's my mai tai?

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