Thursday, April 28, 2011

Masking in Illustrator

Here's my mock ad for "Tsunami", using masking in Illustrator to create the "reflection" of the can. I had some issues with the process at first; it's those little details that get you! Like using the Transform under EFFECTS menu, not Object>Transform. I kept thinking that maybe the can with 3D Revolve on it was too complex to reflect, and had started a whole new ad with a simpler object, when I realized my error after watching that part of the tutorial yet again. I also had to realize that you double-click NEXT to the thumbnail in the Transparency palette (not on it) to create the mask, and click back on the thumbnail to return to normal editing mode. Yeah, the devil's in the details. I like learning all these little tips and tricks, though I have to make sure I take good notes, so I remember how to do it in the future!

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